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Cambridge University, Computer Science year 2 challenge
- Group Charlie

In 2011, MeLock sponsored a group in the annual challenge presented to the second year students doing Computer Sciences at Cambridge University. TheDigit[Ov]al automated cricket commentary project brief was: Cricket is not as well technologised as it could be, given that player positions are well-defined, and the short bursts of activity follow clear synchronisation protocols. The USB MeLock system provides wearable tags with accelerometers that can be used to observe activity, while received signal strength can be used to derive an estimate of location. Your goal is to create an automated cricket commentary system, that provides updates of player movements, runs etc, by inference from the known positions on the field and intensity of motion. Commentary output should be available to mobile users via animated pitch diagram, RSS, Twitter updates, or all of these.


Needless to say, the six students rose to the challenge, generated a lot of software in a very short timeframe, worked excellently as a team, produced a fun demonstration video on the Cambridge Backs, and WON the £1000 technology prize of the competition, sponsored by Microsoft.




Automated Cricket Commentary